Mother's Day Flower Arranging with Paula

Mother's Day Flower Arranging with Paula

Flowers for Mom Using the Triangle Technique

This beautiful mouthblown vase from Vietri is perfect for flower arranging.
The narrow neck of the vase and rounded sides make creating a grid with greenery much easier.
This Vietri Hibiscus vase is 7" tall. The tallest point of exposed greenery and flowers should generally be less than one and a half times the height of the vase or approximately 10" above the rim of our vase.

For this design, select a mixed bouquet, one bunch of focal flowers, and one bunch of greenery.

Fill the vase with water and add the preservative from the mixed bouquet.
Using gardening shears, cut each stem diagonally to maximize the surface area for water uptake.

Using a utility knife, shave the leaves from the stems so that none are immersed in the water. This helps keep the water clean and odor-free.

Using our fingers, remove any blemished petals and leaves.

Create a collar and grid for inserting flowers using the bunch of weeping
eucalyptus, or other draping greenery.

Using four gerbera daisies as our focal flowers, place three equally spaced apart and horizontally over the collar and place one in the center at the tallest point.

Now we’ve created three triangles using the focal flowers.

For accents, we’ll use three chrysanthemum sprays and three roses. Place one spray and one rose in each triangle.

Now that there is less wiggle room in the neck, prop up the center daisy with three pittosporum stems, or other strong greenery from your bouquet.

Create fullness by adding waxflower and greenery throughout the arrangement.

The white of the waxflower was a good choice for this arrangement because it picks up the color of the white vase.

There was empty space around the rim, so for this you can trim down another filler flower and fill in the gaps.

You can easily create a thoughtful gift for your loved one with store bought flowers, and this beautiful vase can be cherished for years to come.  Visit our store in downtown Petaluma for a selection of these, and other beautiful vases.  Happy Mother's Day!


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