The Three Essential Knives Every Kitchen Needs

The Three Essential Knives Every Kitchen Needs

Here are the three basic knives every kitchen needs.  

If you only have one knife in your set, you need the classic

Chef's Knife

If there is one knife that no cook can be without, it’s a chef’s knife. This all-purpose blade is ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks. It’s perfect for slicing and dicing small to medium-sized fruits, vegetables, and other foods. With its curved belly, the chef’s knife can also be gently “rocked” through fresh herbs or spices to produce a very fine mince.





Paring Knife

A paring knife gets its name from its main function: removing or “paring” away things, such as peels, from fruits and vegetables. It’s also ideal for coring, trimming, decorating, and other detail work.

Shun Paring Knife

Shop Shun 4" Paring Knife 

Wosthof Paring Knife


Shop Wusthof Classic 3 1/2" Paring Knife

Utility knife

A good utility knife is a must-have in a kitchen knife line up. In size, it’s between a chef’s knife and a paring knife, making it perfect for all those in-between tasks.

Shun Utility Knife

Shun Premiere 6.5" Utility Knife 


Wusthof Utility Knife


Wusthof Classic 6" Utility Knife

To ensure that your knives stay beautifully sharp, a honing steel should be used regularly. Over time, knives will deteriorate and lose their edge. Honing re-aligns the microscopic teeth in the blade that can't be seen with the naked eye. By regularly honing your knives, you will maximize the time in between sharpening. Some chefs use a honing steel every time they cook.

Honing steel

Shop Wusthof Honing Steel

Honing Steel


And those are the three basic knives to get you started in the kitchen!  Stay tuned for part two, where we explore the next tier of knife essentials!

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